Stevenson Septic and Backhoe


In Oklahoma the two common septic systems used are Aerobic and Lateral Lines.  Picking the best system depends on your ground.  Call us and let us help you make the right choice. 

AEROBIC SYSTEMS can be used in most types of soils.  Aerobic systems use aeration to treat wastewater and surface application to dispose of the treated wastewater.  They take up little space to install, and produce quality effluent.  Many use the Aerobic System to replace other systems that are failing.

Clearwater Aerobics Systems

Clearstream Aerator has a long life, two-year warranty, quiet operation, very low electrical usage and has an installed outside tank to avoid flooding.  You can water with your new Aerobic Septic System.  Call Stevenson Septic today.
Water from clean water Septic System
Lateral Line    
Lateral Line Septic Later Line Tank